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Proton Pump Inhibitors and Risk of Death—What You Need to Know

Proton pump inhibitors are a common drug used to treat acid reflux.

But that doesn’t mean they’re safe.

Maybe you’ve recently received a GERD diagnosis, and your doctor prescribed PPIs to treat your symptoms. Or perhaps you’ve been on proton pump inhibitors for years and don’t think it’s possible to live a normal life without them.

No matter your situation, here’s what you need to know…

In July 2017, the British Medical Journal Open published research announcing that proton pump inhibitors are associated with the risk of death.

And if you regularly take PPIs, the research presented in this study is something you can’t ignore.

In this article, we’ll cover what researchers discovered, what their findings mean for you, and how you can find a better solution for acid reflux relief.

PPIs and Risk of Death—What the Study Revealed

According to the study, scholars conducted a longitudinal study on US veterans, analyzing groups of individuals ranging from over 300,000 to over 3 million.

The goal of the study was to “examine the association between PPI use and risk of all-cause mortality.” And, while the data is a bit complicated, the study revealed some grim facts about proton pump inhibitors.

After statistical evaluation, researchers found that…  

  • The use of PPIs seemed to be associated with increased death risk compared with those who had never taken PPIs as well as those who had never taken acid suppression therapies.
  • New users of PPIs had a greater risk of death compared to new users of H2 blockers.
  • Prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors increases risk of death.

What the Study Means If You’re Taking Proton Pump Inhibitors  

Whether you’ve been taking PPIs for years or have just started taking your prescription, it’s critical to seriously examine what decision you want to make in light of this research.

It’s true.

Most medications carry some risk. But the reality is, some risks are more serious than others.

From the data revealed in the BMJ Open article, your risk might be death.

While the study notes that limiting proton pump inhibitor use “may be warranted,” the real question you face is what kind of gamble do you want to take with your health.  

You need to ask yourself questions like…

  • Am I willing to possibly increase my risk of death with the medication I take each day?
  • Did my doctor warn me of these risks when he or she prescribed PPIs?  
  • Are PPIs the best option I have to treat my acid reflux, or is there another solution?

If you feel torn between knowing your risks, but recognizing the pain your acid reflux creates, there’s good news…

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When it comes to acid reflux, there’s no need to choose between experiencing relief or protecting your health.

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