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Can I Treat Acid Reflux Naturally?

Recurrent acid reflux can put you at a crossroads.  

When you have GERD, you may feel a pill or prescription is your only way to ease your symptoms.

But you’re torn between your desire for relief and your nagging fear that medication isn’t best for your health. The result is a dilemma that leaves you uncertain where to look for direction.

Whether you’ve taken acid reflux medication for years or you’ve just received your first prescription, you may be asking yourself: Can I treat acid reflux naturally?

That’s an excellent question, and, in this article, we’re going to address your question with some solid answers.

Pills Aren’t the Answer

Before discussing how you can treat acid reflux naturally, it’s important you know what won’t address your acid reflux.

Painful GERD symptoms can send you on a trip to the doctor’s office, looking for anything to ease your burning, nausea, and discomfort. And, more than likely, your doctor will recommend a medication.

According to MDalert.com, 15 million Americans took PPIs in 2013. Unfortunately, this number probably hasn’t dipped significantly in the past few years. And that stat doesn’t include other acid reflux medications Americans take, such as antacids and H2 blockers.

But here’s the point….

Many people don’t realize that pills can’t solve acid reflux problems.

While prescriptions can mask your symptoms, they can’t treat why you have GERD in the first place.

But there’s another reason to treat acid reflux naturally.

Acid reflux medications can create a number of complications and potential risks for your health. Check out some of these articles we’ve written on…

  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and their connection to diseases such as dementia, heart attacks, and kidney disease.
  • H2 blockers and their link to headaches and vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Antacids and the dangerous aluminum some medications contain.  

Not only does acid reflux medication do little to treat your underlying problems, but it also raises your risk for serious health issues.

Improving Diet and Lifestyle Is the Answer

The good news is you can treat acid reflux naturally and avoid putting your health at risk.

Instead of taking pills or relying on medication, you can change your diet and lifestyle to one that promotes health and gives you relief from your GERD symptoms.

Improving your diet and lifestyle will address the root of why you have acid reflux in the first place, empowering you to fix the foundation of your health.

To treat acid reflux naturally, you’ll need to…

  • Avoid the foods that decrease your overall health and spark your acid reflux flare-ups.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices—such as losing weight—that also ease your symptoms.
  • Repair your digestive system so you start healing your body from the inside out.

If naturally healing your GERD sounds appealing, but you don’t know where to start, keep on reading…

You Can Find Direction for Healing Your GERD

Perhaps you’re convinced that you want to ease your symptoms of acid reflux without medication. But you don’t know where to start or how to find direction.

The Cure Your Acid Reflux Program is designed to give you the education, empowerment, and resources you need to treat acid reflux naturally.

Tailored around your unique symptoms, this program will show you how to address the foundation of your health so you experience relief from your symptoms and freedom from your medication.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect. During the program, you can receive…

  1. An evaluation of your symptoms so we can build a tailored approach to healing your digestive system.
  2. Instructions and supplements to repair your digestive system and replace bad gut bacteria with healthy gut bacteria.
  3. Optional food allergy testing to identify foods that trigger your acid reflux flare-ups.
  4. Access to two coaching sessions with your Cure Your Coach so you can receive specific guidance.
  5. Unlimited access to support through the phone and email.

From healing your gut to helping you practically improve your diet, the Cure Your Acid Reflux Program can empower you to address the causes of your acid reflux so you experience freedom from GERD.

There’s no reason to be dependent on pills or to suffer from the burning symptoms of acid reflux any longer.

Take the first step to treat acid reflux naturally, and join the Cure Your Acid Reflux program today.

What You Should Know about PPI Risks and Gut Health


For many acid-reflux sufferers, taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) is insurance for a life without the painful symptoms of GERD.

However, the promise of freedom from acid reflux symptoms comes loaded with risks.

If you review medical literature, you’ll unearth research that demonstrates PPIs are associated with dangerous health problems, such as dementia, heart attacks, and kidney disease.

But PPIs also pose a risk for your gut health.

While your gut health may seem unimportant compared to your risk for dementia, nothing could be further from the truth.

In this article, we’ll examine why PPIs threaten your digestive system, why your gut health is so important, and what you can do to minimize your risk.

The Link between PPIs and Your Gut Health

The link between PPIs and the bacteria that exists in the human gut was the focus of a recent study published in the medical journal Gut. After statistical analysis, researchers stated that…

PPI use is consistently associated with profound changes in the gut microbiome…

Before you think that these changes were positive, here’s what the researchers concluded:

  • PPI users had less diversity in their gut bacteria.
  • PPI users had an increased amount of potentially pathogenic gut bacteria.

In addition to this research, a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed PPI users were more likely to experience recurrent Clostridium difficile infections, leading the researchers to caution against unnecessary PPI usage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Clostridium difficile infections are associated with a lack of healthy bacteria and can lead to…

  • Death.
  • A distended colon.
  • A ruptured colon.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Dehydration.

Taken together, these studies reveal that taking PPIs can potentially damage the bacteria in your gut—a fact that has critical implications for your health.

Why Gut Health Is So Important

Your gut health encompasses more than avoiding Clostridium difficile infections. In reality, the state of your digestive system is directly connected to your immune system and your overall well-being.

Current research is just scratching the surface of the connection between your gut and your health. For instance, the Annals of Gastroenterology explains that your gut bacteria play a role in regulating your brain chemistry, and John Hopkins Medicine reports that research is delving into the link between gut bacteria and the diseases of colon cancer and tuberculosis.

Avoiding the Dangers of PPIs

Suffering from chronic GERD is difficult, and your debilitating reflux symptoms can make you dependent on PPIs to soothe your discomfort.

However, you can’t discount the dangerous exchange you might be making as you trade acid-reflux relief for a healthy immune system. The more you depend on PPI medication, the more you’re placing your gut health at risk.

The good news is you can ease your symptoms of GERD without sacrificing your immune system.

There is a way you can reverse your chronic acid reflux while helping—not harming—your gut health: the Cure Your Acid Reflux Program.

The Cure Your Acid Reflux Program is a physician-supervised program that begins with evaluating your situation. The result is a clear path for healing your acid reflux that’s uniquely tailored for your needs.

During the program, you’ll work to correct the bacterial imbalance in your gut, and you’ll also replenish your system with healthy bacteria.

Instead of relying on dangerous medications, you can ease your symptoms and improve your gut health for long-term well-being.

Get off your PPIs, and start healing your digestive system. Enroll in the Cure Your Acid Reflux Program today.