Cure Your Acid Reflux Program


The Cure Your Acid Reflux Program is an individualized approach including education, empowerment and the following elements:           


  • Physician supervised program
  • Comprehensive acid reflux evaluation
  • Tailored program based on your evaluation questionnaire
  • Option for food sensitivity testing
  • 4 Exclusive Healing Support Products, including:
    • Repair  (Support a healthy esophagus and digestive system)
    • Relieve (2 bottles) (Correct bacterial imbalance)
    • Replenish Probiotic (Restore beneficial bacteria)
    • Digestive Bitters (Support normal stomach function)
  • 2 one-on-one personal coaching sessions with your Cure Your Coach
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Also available with IgG Tests for 96 or 184 foods

You can purchase the Cure Your Acid Reflux program on its own, or you may purchase the program with one of the IgG Food Sensitivity Tests (for 184 or 96 foods). Select your preferred option below:

igg_photo (Duplicate) (Duplicate)CYAR Program + IgG for 96 Foods$549.00
igg_photo (Duplicate) (Duplicate)CYAR Program + IgG for 184 Foods$669.00


Standard Cure Your Acid Reflux Program

Price: $379.00

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