woman touching her throat

Natural Approach: The Safe, Effective Treatment for Acid Reflux

woman touching her throatMany GERD sufferers use over-the-counter medications as their first step for ridding themselves of that uncomfortable, burning sensation, but there’s a catch: OTC medicines are designed to mask symptoms but not actually treat them.

And that means people pay money to ignore the problem—and not to rid themselves of acid reflux.

In contrast, a natural approach to treating GERD offers a safer and more effective treatment than reliance on over-the-counter medications that only mask the symptoms of acid reflux.

In fact, the benefits of taking a more natural approach will not only save you money—it can also lead to positive changes which can lead to an overall healthier life.

It’s estimated that nearly 20% of the U.S. population suffers from symptoms of acid reflux, so how the affliction is treated is worth considering in your day-to-day life.

Going all natural to treat acid reflux.

Lifestyle changes such as losing weight and eating specific healthy foods like raw almonds or Red Delicious apples have been shown to help treat the symptoms of acid reflux. Following holistic remedies can address the whole individual rather than just the acid reflux, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Naturopathic solutions generally focus on restoring your body’s balance through education and supplemental products. The Cure Your Acid Reflux Program, for example, is a physician-supervised program that evaluates and tests your body in order to develop a targeted, custom-treatment plan for your acid reflux.

The goal of the program is to correct and restore balance while promoting healthy functionality. It’s not trying to cover up symptoms or sweep them under the rug like most OTC medicines.

Part of restoring balance to your digestive system, stomach and esophagus is eating the right foods. Food Sensitivity testing is a great way to make those changes in your lifestyle and diet easier by telling you which foods your body doesn’t agree with.

The comprehensive blood test is used to measure your immunological reaction to specific foods, targeting those that could be the cause of your acid reflux.

Once you know which foods are instigating your reflux or other health issues, you can take a proactive step toward actually treating them. There’s nothing more natural than changing the way you eat for the better!

You can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and free yourself from the pain of acid reflux by finding a solution that is custom fitted to your needs. Understanding what foods your body may be sensitive to, or addressing the actual problem of imbalances in your body, is a proactive and natural path to treatment of acid reflux.