The Link between Inflammation and GERD

If you have acid reflux and you’ve sought help at the doctor’s office, you may have walked away from your appointment with a prescription that brought welcome relief.

However, perhaps you’re finding you traded physical relief for your mental peace of mind.

While you now have decreased symptoms, you’re not sure pills are the best solution for your heartburn. And maybe you’re even questioning your doctor’s explanations when it comes to heartburn and digestive disorders.

If you have more questions than answers, keep on reading because we’re going to look at a study published in JAMA that reveals a critical piece of information you need to know for your symptoms…

There may be a link between inflammation and your GERD.

Check out some details from this study…and what they mean for your acid reflux struggles.

Inflammation and GERD: The Study’s Conclusions

The U.S. News and World Report explains that this research study indicates GERD acid may not be the direct cause of esophageal damage, noting that this data can potentially overturn 80 years of scientific consensus.  

Summing up the study, the article reveals that something quite different may be the real reason behind the damage your esophagus is experiencing—your body secretes proteins that “produce an inflammatory response in the esophagus.”

Hearing that esophageal damage isn’t directly caused by your refluxed stomach acid may sound counterintuitive.

However, you’ll want to carefully consider the evidence researchers gathered indicating that there’s a link between inflammation and GERD before you make a decision…

Finding the Link between Acid Reflux and Inflammation

According to an article in Medscape on the study, the research participants developed symptoms of GERD in their esophagus in areas where acid had not eroded the surface of their esophagus.

In other words, there were GERD symptoms where there was no evidence of stomach acid damage.  

To make sense of this data and understand how researchers found a link between GERD and inflammation, you might want to read Newsmax’s summary of the study.

Newsmax notes that researchers found evidence supporting a new concept for GERD: acid reflux triggers the production of cytokines, the result of which is inflammation.  

What This Study Means for You

While this study shows that there may be a link between inflammation and GERD, you may wonder what it means for you and your acid reflux symptoms.

To begin with, this data reveals the serious effects of inflammation. Inflammation isn’t something you simply feel in your joints after a vigorous exercise. It can potentially create esophageal damage.

But, even more importantly, this study shows how easy it is to get your facts wrong when it comes to acid reflux.

From what creates esophageal damage to how to heal your reflux, many times, what you hear at your typical doctor’s office regarding acid reflux isn’t the full story you need to make the best decision.    

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