Healing Your GERD: 10 Reasons to Take Charge

If you listen to mainstream medical advice, you’re a victim of your gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

If you go for a medical appointment, you’ll probably be given the usual round of treatment. Whether it’s a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) or a H2 blocker, the answer to the burning systems will be predictable—medication.

This medication will merely treat the symptoms of your acid reflux without ever addressing the underlying problem. And it’s also going to put you as a passive bystander when it comes to your healing. You’ll just be reacting to your symptoms.

In short, you might not know there are natural alternatives when it comes to your acid reflux.

I’m here to tell you that you can do something about your GERD. You can cure your acid reflux by helping your body repair itself and avoiding certain food triggers.

If treating your GERD naturally seems an insurmountable task, here are 10 reasons to take charge of your healing.

#1. Natural healing is possible. Just because you have that prescription slip in your hand doesn’t mean that’s the path you have to take. Natural healing is a viable option. See the testimonies of others who have overcome GERD naturally.

#2. Taking charge of your acid reflux can address other health issues. If you’re experiencing GERD, you may have other health problems like weight gain, inflammation, and food sensitivities. When you address the root cause of your acid reflux symptoms, you may strike a blow at these other health problems as well.

#3. Healing your acid reflux naturally can help you achieve a more wholesome diet. When you fight acid reflux the natural way, you’ll likely end up altering your diet. Many times, the foods and beverages that trigger acid reflux aren’t good for you anyway. Think caffeinated beverages and fried meals. Saying no to a pill and yes to nutrition may be the catalyst for a long-needed diet change.

#4. Taking charge of your acid reflux may help you lose weight. This benefit piggybacks off my previous point. As you begin to eat a diet that avoids flare-ups, you may find that you end up shedding a few pounds. That’s a reason in itself.

#5. Healing your acid reflux can enlighten you to other health issues you didn’t know you had. In my Cure Your Acid Reflux Program, we offer a food sensitivity test to help you treat your GERD. This test may reveal your body has negative reactions to certain foods. Addressing your acid reflux may just uncover health issues you never understood.

#6. You can’t rely on medications. Medications don’t always work. While we’ve been told that a pill is the answer to everything, that simply isn’t the case. Just read Jill’s story to see a real-life example of what I’m talking about.

#7. If your GERD persists, you may be at risk for cancer. GERD symptoms left unaddressed can lead to esophageal cancer. And as I just pointed out, medications won’t always halt the symptoms. That’s a huge reason for taking charge of your acid reflux.

#8. Medicating your GERD symptoms can lead to deadly health problems. There’s documented evidence that PPIs are linked to dementia, heart attacks, and chronic kidney disease. When you don’t take charge of your GERD, you’ll have to rely on something, and that something may just be a pill that damages your health.

#9. Healing your GERD isn’t rocket science; it’s simple. Yes, naturally treating your GERD will require you to discipline your behaviors and eating habits. But that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. The key principle is helping your body restore your digestive system’s natural function.

#10. Healing your GERD can help you live a normal life again. By taking ownership of your acid reflux symptoms, you can become free—free from pills, free from unhealthy foods, and free from your acid reflux flare-ups.

Instead of settling for medication and helplessness, take charge of your GERD. You can begin to resolve your acid reflux symptoms naturally today. Start by enrolling in our Cure Your Acid Reflux Program.